Thursday, October 18, 2007

Training week of the 15th October

This last week was a bit of a disaster as flu hit me on sunday evening after the 117km race for victory race starting at gold reef city. Today I went back to the saddle at Robbies for the first time but I only did 45min easy training in roder to gauge my performance and see how i feel.

The race on sunday went really well, lovely route and a very good vibe. First race over 100 km and it felt great, it took me 4hours to complete withouth pushing too hard. I am still struggling with nitty gritty stuff that happens on a road race, strategy, bunch riding, etc. I kept jumping from one bunch to the next as all of them were very slow. I guess I will have to push harder in the begining to try and stay with the main field were the strong guys are.

I will keep you guys posted in the training.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Training in october 2007

This has been my training in the past 1 or so:

30-Sep-2007 Sunday Sterling Light race at northen farms 8 172 2223 83.2 02:55 43th 19th 56
1-Oct-2007 Monday Flat out 45 minutes 9 150 758 83.5 00:45 19
2-Oct-2007 Tuesday Training at Robbie's + flat out 45 min afternoon 8 146 84 01:50 60
3-Oct-2007 Wednesday Flat out 54 minutes on mtb 9 156 904 83.2 00:54 1
4-Oct-2007 Thursday mtb on the road cradle 132 2226 84 02:32 56
5-Oct-2007 Friday
6-Oct-2007 Saturday Mogale spring classic 8 153 3185 84.2 02:25 38st 31st 72
7-Oct-2007 Sunday
8-Oct-2007 Monday Sterkfontein and trainer 8 138 83.5 03:00 70
9-Oct-2007 Tuesday Robbie and trainer 8 83.5 03:00 70
10-Oct-2007 Wednesday magaliesburg climb 8 1925 03:19 35
11-Oct-2007 Thursday
12-Oct-2007 Friday loop, quarries, logwood lammermoor 8 82.8 02:14 40

AS you guys can see the training is getting to a point were we are building quite a number of hours on the saddle. From next months we are starting to do some 6 hour rides!

keep it up