Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Found epic partner!

hi there again

i have been a bit inactive lately but training quite a bit, and racing most of weekends. the last race i did was the amashova, a great race indeed! we also rode from Joburg to Durban (around 680km) in 5 days with a bunch of buddies and we had lots of fun, drank a few tequilas and most importantly got to train quite hard in some of the days and particularly on the race day on sunday! my time wasnt amazing, but given the circumstances i am quite happy, time 3:02, half an hour behind winners, next year i am aiming for 2:40!

i found a partner for the epic, a great guy, his name is Benedikt Schneider from germany and he is a hell of a strong rider, at the amashova he did 20 minutes less than me so i am afraid i have a lot of work to do in the next couple of months to catch up with him, i dont want to get to the epic and he is much stronger than me


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