Saturday, February 23, 2008

Training 2008

Hi there

2008 has been so far very good for our training, despite the fact that pamina was sick for a week with tonsilitis. Last weekend we did a training camp in dullstroom with a whole bunch of riders for the epic 2008. It was interesting to see that I could keep up with the front guys for days, day 1 125 km and 2,000 metres of climb and day 2 75 km and 1000 metres of climb.

This week so far we have done 15 hours on the saddle with the highlight being the ride to magaliesburg and back of 145 km!

keep the rubber side down


gwadzilla said...

how is the race going?

Anonymous said...

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Joaquin Valverde said...

hi Gwadzilla

the epic went great, it was very hard but extremely enjoyable, to such and extent that i am doing it again next year!!! are you into cycling?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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